“Hi, I just want to let you know that I just ordered my fifth self-watering seed starter. They have really performed beautifully and all my seeds have sprouted easily in them. The self-watering feature works like a charm and helps germinate the seeds on a consistent basis.”

     -Cynthia, Santa Rosa CA


Fill the inner reservoir with water about once per week.  The terracotta wicks water from the reservoir through the walls of the seed pockets, keeping the seedlings evenly moist.  Drainage holes eliminate the risk of overwatering, and air-prune roots for healthy plant growth after transplant.




Fill each pocket with seed starting mix and 3-5 seeds, or one cutting.




Fill the reservoir with water.




Place in a very sunny spot or under a grow light and refill reservoir when dry, about once a week.




Once seedlings have sprouted, thin them to one plant per pocket.




When your seedlings have several sets of leaves, or the cuttings sprout new growth, they are ready to be transplanted.




To remove a plant from its pocket, pull very gently on the base of its stem.  You may need to go around the edges with a knife (or a plastic plant marker), like loosening a cake from its pan.