Founded in 2011 with the goal of helping everyone grow their own, Orta today is a small business crafting seed pots in Oakland CA.

Orta comes from the Italian word for kitchen garden. A traditional kitchen garden is a space separate from the rest of the garden – as small as a humble vegetable plot or an ornamental all-season landscape. It is a source of herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers for your family and friends. 

Orta is here to help you succeed with your own kitchen garden. You will be able to grow your own vegetables, flowers, and succulents from seeds and cuttings, guaranteed. We’ve done a huge amount of technical work so that you don’t have to. Our self-watering seed pots look like cute pottery, but they’re also small marvels, tuned to give seedlings and cuttings exactly the right amount of moisture. All you do is fill the reservoir about once a week, and your baby plants will thrive.

All Orta Seed Pots are handmade in California with our non-toxic and energy efficient processes.  Orta is primarily just two of us:  Anne Fletcher and Amanda Wunderlich.  Anne founded Orta in 2011 building on her background of product design, chemistry, and a lot of failed gardening attempts.  Amanda has a background in product design and ceramics.